Elevate Student Ministries is a vital part of my life as I watch the student’s minister to one another. I am praying for this student ministry and praying for salvation for students in our ministry and the Hillsborough area. A way that the student ministry will be successful will be when students are ministering and inviting other students to Elevate Student Ministry. Join me in praying for Elevate Student Ministry and watching Elevate make a difference in Orange County.

Every day in our country, students take the field (or court) as a member of a sports team, band, or cheerleading squad with specific objectives in mind… to win, to entertain, to motivate. Although each group has a clear, focused goal, they would be foolish to attempt to accomplish that objective without a clearly defined strategy or playbook. Can a football team take the field without a playbook? What about a hockey team takes the ice without a plan or strategy?

As followers of Jesus Christ, we have a much more important objective that winning a ballgame or entertaining a crowd. Jesus gave us our objective in the Great Commission passages in the Bible. We are to go and make disciples of all nations, tongues, and tribes. The call to a relationship with Christ and the call to be on mission with Christ is the same call. That is what we are to be about as Christians.

– Pastor Scott